About Our Approach

In accordance with the SHCC mission of providing practical solutions to building performance issues, we have not invented a radical new approach to this issue. Instead, the SHCC approach is based upon the well-established scientific method for investigating, analyzing and formulating opinions in construction issues.

The end result for the client is a truthful and objective answer to their construction-related questions and concerns.


Learn About Some of the Solutions SHCC Offers:


Construction Project Management

SHCC will act as your representative and manage the day-to-day aspects of the project from start to finish.

Funding Control

SHCC will monitor, review, and offer guidance regarding the financial aspects of a construction project to ensure that you know what you are paying for.


Quality Assurance & Risk Management

SHCC will assess the risk factors associated with your project and establish a cohesive plan for assuring that the project's quality meets your expectations, plus any and all aplicable standards.

Dispute Resolution & Litigation Support

SHCC will investigate, analyze, and evaluate the facts of your situation. In collaboration with legal counsel, SHCC will offer opinions based on evidence to assist in resolution of the dispute.