Construction Problem Solving & Troubleshooting

Steve Hill has been providing practical solutions to building performance issues to clients for nearly 40 years. 


The Scenario:

Your building has problems that need to be addressed, but you’re not sure exactly what the cause of the problem is, let alone how to fix it, or who to even call. Your goal: Get to the heart of what really is wrong, identify options for moving forward, and resolve the issues as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, with a minimum of frustration.


The Solution: Construction Problem Solving

Steve Hill Construction Consulting, Inc. (SHCC) brings decades of problem solving and dispute resolution experience to every project we are engaged on. There is an old saying: "Hindsight is 20/20." With experience analyzing thousands of conditions involving failed building components, SHCC has a clear vision of just what can go wrong. (Murphy was an optimist.)

Building performance can be made very complicated. But there are some basic elements that are fairly straightforward. We want buildings to be durable, structurally sound, resistant to weather, and safe for occupants. By carefully evaluating the actual conditions of a given project, SHCC applies the scientific method to determine the underlying cause of construction defects and deferred maintenance. Once the root cause has been established, SHCC applies construction industry best practices to outline various repair or remediation approaches.

Through our extensive network of professional consultants, we are able to bring in additional expertise, as needed, to answer specific questions that may arise. Through a process of value engineering, armed with extensive knowledge of construction material and labor costs, SHCC helps owners find the most cost effective solutions that adequately address the issues observed.

That’s what we mean by “Practical Solutions to Building Performance Issues.”


Case Study:

The renowned leader of a prominent Native American tribe member hired a contractor to build a high-end custom home on tribal lands. The resulting engineered log cabin structure was not yet complete when it became obvious that there were numerous problems.

SHCC was retained to thoroughly investigate and document the issues. Through a combination of extensive visual inspection and limited destructive testing, it became obvious that even very basic construction standards were not followed by the contractor.

Working closely with the client’s legal team, SHCC was able to help find the most cost effective solution for that project. After years of paying for an uninhabitable dream home that turned into a nightmare, our clients were finally made whole, and were thus able to move on with their lives.


Additional Services

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Project Management

I'm not sure my contractor is building my home right.  Can I send you a photo and get your opinion?

Expert Witness

SHCC will investigate, analyze, and evaluate the facts of your situation. In collaboration with legal counsel, SHCC will offer opinions based on evidence to assist in resolution of the dispute.