Custom Home that went right in Coronado

An attorney from Coronado called me a few years back and said a client of his was having a custom home built. He said he was not comfortable with the contract the General Contractor had given his client and since the client lived in another country and traveled all over the world as part of his vocation, he wanted me to do quality assurance and funding control for the project.

I asked him why he wanted me when I live 90 miles away. I was sure there should be someone in Coronado that could do it. I'll never forget what he said: "I want you because I trust you and because you live 90 miles away. Everyone in Coronado knows everyone else in Coronado. It will be hard to get a truly objective oversight of the job by anyone local."

The project went well and I did catch some things during construction that would have resulted in major problems later on. It gave me a chance to build a relationship with the General Contractor that I am still friends with today.